PLUMBING & HVAC Instruction & Continuing Education for the State of Texas 

Our classes are NOT the same old "boring" classes

About Us

As a leading provider of Plumbing and HVAC Training, we take pride in offering the best training programs, 

including continuing education.

We are dedicated to serving those who are involved in the Plumbing and HVAC trades in Texas to be able to better serve the public.


Our Instructors have many years in the industry as well as in instruction.





CEO Dennis McKinzie Sr.---43 years in the Mechanical trade both Plumbing & HVAC

Currently Cheif Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector for Fort Worth


Rick McNair ---Over 45 years in Plumbing 


Trent McNair ---Over 30 years in Plumbing


Zane McNair ---Over 30 years in Plumbing


Dennis McKinzie Jr. ---Over 15 years in plumbing


Andrew McKinzie ---Over 13 years in plumbing


Tommy Patterson ---Over 40 years in HVAC


Cary Everett ---Over 40 years in HVAC